Audioquest Biwire Jumpers (Saturn and Jupiter) Set of 4

Biwire Jumpers - Set of 4. Roughly 7 inches long.

Whether you've lost your jumpers supplied with biwirable speakers, or you want to upgrade, you will get all of your sonic potential with these high-quality AudioQuest Jumpers.

These jumpers use conductors made of PSC+ (Saturn) or PSS Silver (Jupiter) and your choice of Direct-Gold or Direct-Silver plated connectors.


Silver or Gold plated Connectors

Saturn PSC+ or Jupiter PSS with 500 Series Multi-size spade or Banana

Banana to Banana,

Spade to Spade,

Banana  and Spade

Spade and Banana


The Multi-size spade fits 1/4" or 5/16" binding posts.