AudioQuest AC 12 Power Cord with Factory Molded IEC

AC 12 Power Cord with Options


  • Wattgate/Marinco 5266 AC Plug Or Optional Hubbell 8215 Hospital Grade Plug
  • Factory Molded IEC for those small IEC openings.
  • 12 gauge **3.3 version with PVC Jacket
  • Solid LGC copper
  • Helical Array
  • 2M length only
  • With Factory molded RFI

If AC power were water, your audio and video components would be drinking from the sewer! That's a fact. The quality of our AC power is worse than ever, and it continues to degrade as radio and cellular phone transmissions increase. Plus, the rapidly increasing number of computers and digital A/V components being used in your home and the homes around you are having sonically degrading effects on your system.

Adding a high quality AC power filter is a good start in dealing with some of these AC related problems. And we recommend adding one to any quality system. But the single most overlooked component in most audio and video systems is the AC power cord.

AudioQuest power cables use multiple solid conductors made from their high quality LGC copper. Each solid conductor is electrically and magnetically isolated by its own application of dielectric material.

The helical array of the multiple solid conductors provide a high level of airborne RFI rejection. But to guarantee that nothing gets through, AudioQuest attacks the problem with brute force by installing their specially tuned ferrite RFI filter on each cable.

The thorough design of the AudioQuest cable not only eliminates the problems caused by stock cords, but it goes much further by dealing with the serious problems of RFI induced distortions. All in all, you get a well engineered product that yields a valuable improvement in sound and visual quality, for a fraction of the price demanded by other high end cable manufacturers.

The AC12-3.3 (12 AWG) with twice the amount of copper of the 15 gauge AC 15, is the best choice for large power amplifiers.

See separate listing for Models supplied with the WattGate 320 IEC Plug and the Wattgate/Marinco 5266 AC Plug or Hubbell 8215 Hospital Grade plug.