AudioQuest-Beetle Bluetooth/Optical/USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Beetle Bluetooth/Optical/USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

  • Bluetooth Receiver with Asynchronous Streamlength BT technology
  • High-Performance Optical Input
  • USB Input for improving the sound of your Laptop, Tablet, or Phone
  • Minimum-Phase Digital Filter for Natural Sound
  • Free AQ Device Manager App for personalization and software/firmware update


    By accepting not only USB audio, but also Toslink cable and Bluetooth wireless, Beetle improves the sound of every way you enjoy music, movies and video. Using Beetle instead of the low-quality built in Digital-to-Analog-Converters (DACs) supplied with powered speakers, TVs, computers, phones, multi-room devices, etc., actually does what the old cliché says – Beetle will bring your system to life.


    Toslink Optical Input

    Beetle’s Toslink optical input allows you to connect to the many devices whose analog outputs are not blessed by a Beetle-quality DAC, and to those, like many of today’s TVs, that don’t have an analog output at all. Televisions, media servers, and gaming consoles are just a few of many possible applications.

    When there is a choice of digital outputs, the RF noise isolation provided by optical will often give a Toslink connection a tremendous advantage over a metal connection. However, please remember that Toslink cable quality varies just as widely as from the poorest to the very best USB, Coax, Ethernet, etc

    Asynchronous-Transfer USB

    Beetle could have one of those “DragonFly Inside” type labels since Beetle uses the same Streamlength® Asynchronous USB software and many of the same parts as AudioQuest’s remarkable DragonFly USB DACs.

    Beetle’s Micro-B input accepts USB digital audio from mobile devices, computers, network attached servers, etc., providing clearer, cleaner, more immersive sound to headphones, powered speakers, or audio components.

    Bluetooth Receiver Using Asynchronous-Transfer

    For Beetle, AudioQuest created the first asynchronous-transfer Bluetooth (Streamlength BT®) receiver. When Beetle’s Bluetooth is used with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices, you will be amazed at how much better Bluetooth can be.

    No, the bit rate still maxes out at 320K – but a properly received and rebuilt 320K audio stream can be astonishingly enjoyable and articulate. Audiophile Bluetooth is no longer an oxymoron.Please note that Beetle only receives Bluetooth signals and does not transmit.

    Additional Information

  • MQA playback over USB enabled with forthcoming Firmware update

  • 24/96 Asynchronous-Transfer USB means no external driver required

  • Operating firmware updatable with Free AQ Device Manager App

  • Minimum-Phase Digital Filter for natural, relaxed sound

  • Superior Linear (Analog, Not Digital) Power Supply

  • Standard pairing procedure when using Bluetooth