Audioquest Saturn GroundGoody - Open Box

This is a 1M (3' 3") GroundGoody Open box Cable. Like new condition. May not have original box.


Partners with any AudioQuest RCA cable
to create a low-distortion tonearm cable.
Minimizes Distortion, Protects Against RFI.

  • PSC+ Conductors
  • Direct-Silver Plated #10 CU Spades
  • Controlled for Correct Directionality
  • Braided Outer Jacket


About Factory Authorized Open Box Cables

These cables have been opened for one reason or another. Product Condition is “As-New” and includes the Audioquest lifetime limited warranty. Most have their original boxes. Some of the boxes are torn or show use. The ones that don't have boxes come in a plastic bag.