Audioquest Biwire Jumpers (Saturn and Jupiter)

Biwire Jumpers

Whether you've lost your jumpers supplied with biwirable speakers, or you want to upgrade, you will get all of your sonic potential with these high-quality AudioQuest Jumpers.

These jumpers use conductors made of PSC+ (Saturn) or PSS Silver (Jupiter) and your choice of Direct-Gold or Direct-Silver plated connectors.


Silver or Gold plated Connectors

Saturn PSC+ or Jupiter PSS with 500 Series Multi-size spade or Banana

Banana to Banana,

Spade to Spade,

Banana (amp end) and Spade (speaker end),

Spade (amp end) and Banana (speaker end),


The Multi-size spade fits 1/4" or 5/16" binding posts.