Audioquest Type 4 "Less Frills" Speaker Cable Pair

This is a pair of cables, one left and one right. White PVC outer  jacket.

Our "Less Frills" version of the Type 4 is Terminated with your choice of the Audioquest "Premium Series" Spades or Audioquest BFA Banana Plugs. Connectors are "Cold Welded" to Audioquest specifications. The jacket is the white PVC CL3 rated jacket.

We use authentic Audioquest cold welded connectors. The legs are finished with high quality polyolefin flexible heat shrink. The breakout is authentic Audioquest semi-flexible adhesive lined heat shrink. This prevents the jacket from pulling down with age and exposing the conductors. The breakout has the offical Audioquest logo on it. The connectors are finished with a very hard, rigid adhesive lined heat shrink. This helps to prevent stress on the wire at the connection point, which is a common point of failure.

These cables are personally terminated by Harry, (The “H” of HCM Audio). Harry has been professionally terminating cables for over 40 years. He takes extreme care to see that everything is done to perfection and that no conductors are nicked during termination. Each cable is hand tested and sealed in a plastic bag.

Type 4: At first glance, Type 4 looks like a normal round cable, but inside is a fully optimized and very sophisticated balance of quality ingredients and refined design. All four of Type 4's conductors are solid. Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands in a conventional cable is the single greatest source of distortion, often causing a somewhat harsh, dirty and confused sound. Solid conductors are the most important ingredients enabling Type 4's very clear sound. Whether a conductor is solid or stranded, skin-effect is a prime distortion mechanism in speaker cables. Type 4 very simply keeps this effect out of the audio range by using conductor sizes that are below the threshold for audible distortion.

LGC copper Solid Conductors
15 gauge

Custom Lengths are available. We also offer other terminations; bendapins, 3/16" spades, and different connections at different ends. Email for pricing and options.