Audioquest Type 5 Center Channel Speaker Cable

Type 5 Speaker Cable with PSC+ Sonic-Signature Conductors

  • This is a Single Type 5 speaker cable for center channel.
  • Available in a black & brown braid, factory terminated with SureGrip 300 connector
  • With Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ Sonic-Signature conductors ensure smooth and natural sound
  • Carbon-Loading and Direction-Controlled Conductors provide effective Noise-Dissipation and minimize amplifier distortion
  • Full Range termination: The cable has 2 connectors at the amp end and 2 connectors at the speaker end.

Type 5 is fundamentally Type 4 with better metal. Type 9 ups the game with more PSC+ and added layers and techniques of Noise-Dissipation for more effective noise control than any previous Type 4 iteration. And, Type 9+DBS adds the black background and preservation of natural beauty that AQ’s Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) enables.


Also, the new models are a little bigger than previous 4-Series cables, the conductors are a little farther apart, and interaction between adjacent conductors is reduced by 35%.


Applying and now finally naming a technique AudioQuest has used for decades, Type 5 uses a finessed combination of Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) in Type 5’s grainless-sounding Sonic-Signature conductors, plus Long-Grain Copper (LGC) in the larger carry-the-weight conductors.


No, AQ hasn’t gone bonkers. We are not claiming different audio frequencies go down different conductors! However, in a manner similar to bypass capacitors in a speaker crossover or in electronics, the smallest conductors in AQ’s multi-conductor-size cables set the “information envelope” or Sonic-Signature.The larger conductors, even though compromised above 10kHz due to skin-effect, do the also-important heavy lifting—keeping cable impedance to a minimum.


Types 5, 9, and 9+DBS are full-range cables, but are of course superb when used in a Double-BiWire combination. Very effective Double-BiWire (DBW) options include double Type 5, double Type 9, and the especially cost-effective options of Types 9 or 9+DBS on treble with Types 5 or 9 on bass (the importance of metal and of DBS is proportional to frequency).


Higher up in the AQ range, the Robin Hood models use the same 4 conductors (same size, same metal) as Types 9 and 9+DBS. This means a Robin Hood ZERO cable on treble can be combined with any model of AQ Star-Quad cable on bass (CV-4, GO-4, etc.)—all a very cost-effective step along the way to a Robin Hood Double-BiWire