Cherry Cola Active Optical HDMI Audioquest

Cherry Cola Optical HDMI
  • 18 Gbps 4K – 8K
  • A/V Conductor: Fused Silica (Quartz)
  • eARC Conductor: 0.5% Silver
  • Ground Reference: Tinned Copper
  • Noise-Dissipation: Carbon + Galvanic Isolation
  • Jacket CL3/ FT4 rated CMG


AudioQuest is proud to introduce the premium solution
for long-length HDMI applications — up to 100 feet /
Cherry Cola is a fiber-optic “AOC” (Active Optical Cable)
that carries 18Gbps of 4K Ultra HD + HDR or other
18Gbps data packages over 100 feet with the same
high-end performance audio and video as over any
shorter length.
Yes, “high-end performance audio” is part of the
package. While many long-length applications don’t
need any audio, many do, and Cherry Cola is a fullfledged
member of the “you can always hear the difference
with AudioQuest” family.
Among the important ingredients are a newly developed
advanced electro-optical conversion module and
four glass-fiber optical conductors for the A/V signal.
The new generation active circuitry is significantly more
reliable than in prior generation AOC modules. Audio-
Quest is often not first to the party for good reasons.
Cherry Cola also employs a sophisticated Noise-Dissipation
System combining RF noise-absorbing Carbon
and RF noise-draining by directionality-controlled silverplated
For applications where needed, Cherry Cola’s Plenum-
rated jacket is make-or-break important.
For all applications, that Cherry Cola is Self-Powered
(by attached components) makes life a lot easier than
having to use external power sources.
As with any long-length HDMI cable, we recommend
testing Cherry Cola with the specific components
before installation. While Cherry Cola is even less sensitive
to compatability issues than Active Equalization
copper cables, all hardware combinations are vulnerable
to compatibility issues. AQ has always referred to
cables as being a component — this is even more true
with Active cables.