Sonic Horizon Silver Moon 1.5M Pair Balanced Interconnect Cables (Demo)

This is a demo pair of 1.5M Silver Moon cables with XLR at both ends. It is in excellent, like-new condition. Only one pair available at this time.


Silver moon will unlock the door to sonic attributes previously unheard in your system! With silver Moon the music will emerge through a background of silent darkness with unbelievable dynamics and focus. Silver Moon has the ability to reveal exceptionally small details, allowing you to not only hear into the concert hall, but to become part of it. Vocals emerge with a focused presence so real, it will make your hair stand! Silver Moon is an interconnect that makes itself comfortable in any high-end audio system, regardless of its relatively low price. Silver Moon is also available in a balanced version at no extra cost.

Solid 99.99% Pure EGS Silver Conductors
Air Injected PE Dielectric
Triple Balanced Braided Conductor Geometry
Lead and Halogen Free Silver Solder
Jelco Style Type Precision Contact RCA Plugs
Rugged PET outer Jacket
Proprietary Z-Stat Technology