Audioquest 1010 3/16" spades

AudioQuest 1010 Silver Spade or Gold plated
The AudioQuest 1010 is a Silver (or Gold) plated Copper spade that fits 3/16" binding posts.
Accepts up to 10AWG cables.

Available in 4 pack, 8 pack, 16 pack, 20 pack or 40 pack

Comes with black and red plastic boots. (In each pack 1/2 of the boots will be black and 1/2 of the boots will be red.)

Designed to be used with a ratchet crimper. Connectors are not returnable or exchangeable.

The 1010 spade are generally used on older equipment that have barrier strips. The barrier strip limits the outer diameter of the spade. The small screw that is used to tighten the spade is also the post.