Audioquest GLC Center Channel Speaker Cables (Single Cable)

AudioQuest GLC... It's a Great Little Cable. When AudioQuest was developing this cable, it was known as the "Great Little Cable". When it was time to give it an official name, it was the only name that seemed to fit. And so came the name GLC. GLC will outperform some other brands of cable which cost many times as much, especially those cables with boxes on them. Try it yourself and be amazed with the huge soundstage, and the smooth detailed upper range that you get with this Great Little Cable. The AudioQuest SST Spread Spectrum Technology combined with Quad Helix LGC Copper Hyperlitz conductors result in a 15 AWG cable, with the precision sound you expect only in far more expensive cables.


  • LGC Copper Hyperlitz Conductors
  • 15 AWG
  • SST Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Quad Heliz Array
  • Black Sleeving

This is a single cable. Also available as pairs with professional termination.

Custom lengths available. Call or email for pricing.

Need a different termination at each end? Call or email.