Audioquest P814 Spade Lugs

The Audioquest P814 size spade fits 1/4"  binding posts.

Perfect for Vandersteen or any 1/4” barrier strips.

Higher quality spades than the 1014.

Direct gold plating over LGC copper

fits up to 8 gauge wire.

Designed for ratchet crimper



P814 Gold spades (set of 4) with 2 red plastic boots and 2 black plastic boots.

P814 Gold spades (set of 6) with 3 red plastic boots and 3 black plastic boots.

P814 Gold spades (set of 8) with 4 red plastic boots and 4 black plastic boots.

 P814 Gold spades (set of 16) with 8 red plastic boots and 8 black plastic boots.

 Designed to be used with a ratchet crimper. Connectors are not returnable or exchangeable