Audioquest UltraConnect 2 (1 oz) Contact Cleaner

1 OZ. Size supplied with 5 applicators.

Are you about to put that high quality spade lug, RCA plug, or XLR plug into a dirty socket? Actually, not only does the socket on your equipment need cleaning, but even that new plug will benefit from being cleaned. Any contact surface that has been exposed to air is dirty and will perform better if cleaned. AudioQuest just happens to have the solution, the ideal cleaning solution-AudioQuest UltraConnect 2.

Even the simple-sounding subject of contact cleaners is complicated. There are cleaners that leave an oil or "wetting agent" on the metal's surface. There are contact enhancers that don't clean but offer possibly improved signal transfer. Finally, there are cleaners (only a very few) that leave nothing behind.

While we acknowledge the benefits of conventional cleaners and some of the contact enhancers, we have always recommended striving for the cleanest and least contaminated surfaces. We have always said that the ideal electrical contact was one that had just been filed clean. This is not very practical, but ideals are often like that.

The purpose of AQ UltraConnect is to make it practical to have filed-clean surfaces without the file. This extremely high purity (and environmentally approved) fluid scrubs your contacts clean, without having to scrub. Unlike other cleaners, UltraConnect 2 does not contain Freon or any of its cousins.