QED Supremus Speaker Cables

Founded by Bob Abraham and Ian Vine in 1973; QED has, over the past 40 years, acquired unparalleled knowledge and experience of hi-fi and home cinema cables and connectivity.

We are the market leader but we’re certainly not complacent. Our design engineers constantly investigate new technologies and undertake scientific research to ensure we always offer our customers the very best products on the market. As far back as 1994 we conducted the most extensive ever scientific investigation into the effects of speaker cables on hi-fi system performance. The results were astonishing, and can be found on our website under the heading ‘The Genesis Report'. The report produced clear evidence that speaker cables do matter, and we continue to use this information today. We urge you to try QED cables for yourself. If you do you’ll discover the differences in sound quality that QED hi-fi cables can really make.



Key Technologies Overview

Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper

Silver Plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper

Speaker cables must exhibit the lowest possible resistance to the flow of electrical current. The larger the cross- sectional area of the conductors the smaller the resistance will be. However the cable must be small enough to be practical for its intended use. Although copper is a very good electrical conductor, silver is even better. By using it in our top of the range cables we can improve conductance without making the cable larger. As the pitch of the sound increases the current flows more and more to the outside of the conductors so we cunningly use silver plated 99.999% oxygen free copper conductors to reduce resistance only where it is needed, thus saving you money.

Low Loss Dielectric

Low Loss Dielectric

Music signals in a loudspeaker cable move back and forth many times every second. The insulating material used to separate the send and return conductors from each other (the dielectric) has to be charged and discharged every time. Not all of the energy stored in the dielectric during each charge cycle is completely returned during each discharge cycle which has a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound you hear. That's why at QED we use low loss dielectric materials such as Polyethylene (PE) or Teflon(TM) (PTFE) in preference to cheaper PVC alternatives found in inferior unbranded cables.

X-Tube Technology

X-Tube Technology

In loudspeaker cables high pitched sounds are forced to travel towards the outside of the conductor and so are able to use less and less of the available cross-sectional area as the pitch increases. This is called the "Skin Effect". It means that for high frequencies the resistance of the cable appears to be much higher than it does for lower pitched sounds. This has a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound you hear. QED X-Tube Technology solves this problem by creating a hollow tubular conductor geometry through which each frequency can pass with equal ease when compared to traditional solid or stranded conductors.

Air Core Technology

Air Core Technology

In loudspeaker cables electrical current does not flow smoothly because - rather like in a river - small eddy currents are formed. Eddy currents in one conductor can affect the current flowing in an adjacent conductor so that currents flowing in the same direction move away from each other. This "Proximity Effect" increases resistance as frequency increases which has a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound you hear. QED Aircore Technology builds on the science of X-Tube Technology and eliminates this problem by using individually insulated twisted strands arranged around a hollow core to solve both the proximity and skin effects.

Airloc Technology

Airloc Technology

If a bare wire termination method is used the exposed copper quickly oxidizes increasing the resistance of the cable, which has a detrimental effect on the fidelity of the sound you hear. Available as an option, QED Airloc plugs eliminate this problem by preventing oxidization and providing a gold plated mating surface which remains low resistance for ever.




QED Supremus Speaker Cables

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The largest cross-sectional area of pure copper ever incorporated into a QED loudspeaker cable, enables QED Supremus cable to deliver the ultra-low resistance required to ensure perfect fidelity of the musical signal.

The Ultimate Expression Of Sound Born From Pure Science

AirCore™ Technology, unique to QED cables, means unrivaled high frequency detail, rhythm and timing. QED Supremus boasts sixteen silver plated, 99.99% oxygen free copper, solid core conductors. To deliver its no compromise sonic performance, each individual conductor is insulated by a nearly invisible layer of enamel, providing ultimate insulation for a more detailed output.

So what are the features which make Supremus speaker cables so special?


QED’s proprietary Aircore™ Technology keeps inductance and capacitance at vanishingly low levels. This changes the magnetic field within the speaker cable to ensure high frequencies travel through the central part of the conductor. The result is an unrivaled level of high frequency detail and cable timing.


A dedicated pure copper, Rhodium plated locking design to ensure maximum surface contact between the plug and terminals. Utilizing QED’s propriety Airloc™ technology for an oxygen free, cold weld connection made for life.


Boasting two bundles of 16 Silver plated, cryogenically treated oxygen free copper conductors for ultra-low resistance exerting beautiful control, bringing your amplifier and speaker electrically closer together.


The conductors are uniquely individually insulated by a nearly invisible layer of enamel. This material was chosen because it has extremely good insulating properties and sets new standards in the insulation hierarchy.

Amazing Reviews for QED Supremus Speaker Cables

Here are some comments from the experts in the industry:

"Undoubtedly audiophile class, this ambitious and physically impressive UK loudspeaker cable is one of very few to gain an Audio Excellence rating." Hi-Fi Critic Audio Excellence 2017

"Superbly constructed and intelligently engineered... They’ll bring the best out of your equipment" Hi-Fi World 2017 "its overall sense of balance most impressed... QED’s Supremus... One Cable to Rule Them All." Hi-Fi+ Awards 2017

QED Supremus high-end speaker cables give you the perfect opportunity to upgrade your existing sound system. If you are looking to buy a new pair of speakers, we recommend you to check our Concept 300 bookshelf speakers and Concept 500 floor standing speakers.

  • 2 x 16 solid core silver plated 99.99% oxygen free copper conductors
  • Vanishingly low resistance for better speaker and amplifier control
  • Enamel coated conductors for reduced capacitance and consistent energy flow
  • Rhodium plated Airloc™ locking plugs and Cryogenically treated speaker cables
  • QED Aircore™ Technology achieves unrivaled high frequency details and cable timing
  • Lifetime Warranty