Sonic Horizon Daybreak Full Range Speaker Cables (Pair)

Full Range - each cable has 2 connectors at the amp end and 2 connectors at the speaker end.

At less than $350 a pair, many audiophiles would consider Daybreak a low-end cable - an assumption that is correct in most cases today. However there are exceptions, and Daybreak version 4.0 is a big one. Daybreak speaker cables create a new reference point for how $350.00 speaker cables should perform. Compare them with other brands costing up to $1000 a pair and you'll walk away knowing that you really don't need to spend a fortune to own cables that sound great and look great, with a level of workmanship that comes only with a hand built product.

Daybreak uses our Heavy Silver Overlay - Extended Grain Copper (HSO-EGC) conductors, surrounded by solid Teflon, with a simplified version of our MSC technology, which utilizes multiple conductor sizes to balance the audible characteristics of skin effect. The large aggregate size of 11AWG will never leave your speakers starving for current during those intense moments of low frequency reproduction. To assure long lasting stability of sound quality, Daybreak v4.0 now comes with our proprietary Stat-Core treatment for long term static control. While it's common knowledge that Teflon is the best dielectric material available, the fact that Teflon is plagued with static electricity problems is seldom talked about. Our proprietary Stat-Core treatment addresses and deals with the problems of static charges in the dielectric material. Daybreak v4.0 will deliver music with a smooth, natural quality, stunning midrange clarity and vocal presentation, with a fast and detailed high end.

Combine Daybreak speaker cables and power cord along with the Hurricane interconnect, and be ready for wonderful improvements.

Standard termination options include the one piece BFA direct silver plated Banana Plugs, Premium Grade direct silver plated Spade lugs, or direct silver plated bendable pins.

HSO-EGC Conductors
Teflon/Air Dielectric
MSC Technology
Large 11 AWG Aggregate Size
Proprietary STAT-CORE Treatment
PET Black Outer Jacket

This is a pair of cables with Full Range termination.
For Single Biwire termination see separate listing.


All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available. Custom terminations available also.