Sonic Horizon Daybreak Headphone Extension Cable

  • HSO-EGC Conductors
  • Teflon Dielectric
  • PET Black Jacket
  • Neutrik 1/4” professional connectors.
  • Proprietary Z-Stat Treatment

In recent years there has been a resurgence in headphone listening. But not everyone wants to sit 6 feet from their system. One of the nice features of headphone listening is the ability to move across the room without any loss of quality. The problem is finding an extension cord of decent quality. Most audiophiles have to settle for one of the $30 or $40 cords which degrade the sound.

If you want to be able to sit in your comfortable chair and enjoy good sound quality, the Daybreak headphone extension cable is for you.

Our extension cords are different. Our cords are designed to have minimal impact on sound quality. The Daybreak extension cord is top quality all the way. It uses balanced signal conductors made from HSO-EGC copper with Teflon dielectric. (Heavy silver over copper conductors)

Forget those cheap 1/4" connectors. We use top of the line Neutrik professional connectors. These are the best sounding 1/4" connectors in the business, and also the most expensive. The plug has no pressed fittings, and the jack actually locks down on the plug. Daybreak has minimal impact on the sound and is recommended for most high end headphones in the medium to high end price ranges.

The Daybreak headphone ext. cable is flexible enough to walk around with.

All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available