Sonic Horizon Daybreak Standard Version V2.0 Power Cords

Daybreak v2.0 features an aggregate conductor size of 13 AWG, making it suitable for use with larger power amps. It also uses dual isolated independent shields, dual RFI-Zero noise suppressors, and our proprietary Z-Stat treatment. The new version 2.0 is terminated with the WattGate 320 IEC, and 5266 AC plug. Available in standard version, or the Daybreak v2.0 "Low Current" designed specifically for use with digital components and pre amplifiers.

  • High Quality EGC Copper Conductors
  • Noise Canceling Geometry
  • 13 AWG (16 AWG on Low Current version)
  • Dual Isolated Independant Shields
  • Dual RFI-Zero Noise Suppressors (optional)
  • Proprietary Z-Stat Treatment
  • WattGate 5266 AC Plug
  • WattGate 320 IEC Plug
  • PET Outer Jacket

Options for: Standard Version (13 gauge) for Integrated Amps and Power amps

With RFI-Zero Noise Suppressors

NO RFI-Zero Noise Suppressors



Low Current Version for low level equipment; CD Players, Preamps, Tuners, etc. is listed separately


All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available