Sonic Horizon Hurricane V2.0 (Pair) Audio Interconnect

You're in the eye of the Hurricane! Once you hear what Hurricane interconnect does to other $230 interconnects, you will agree that there is no better name for it.

Hurricane interconnect absolutely blows away the competition with brutal force!

Its sound is powerful and robust from the lowest bass through the midrange. Sweet, delicate and defined from the upper midrange to the highest highs. Vocal presence is so real, it may scare you!

Hurricane uses a simple braided geometry, heavy silver over copper conductors and our proprietary Z-stat treatment.

HSO-EGC Conductors
Teflon/Air Dielectric
PE Stabilizing Tube
PET Jacket
Proprietary Z-Stat Treatment

All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available

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