Sonic Horizon Hurricane V3.0 Center Channel Shot Gun Speaker Cable

This is not a pair of cables. It is shot gun in Full Range for Center Channel

Like the Hurricane interconnect, the speaker cable also blows away the competition with brutal force! It delivers the music with an effortless, yet powerful and robust presentation. Bass is powerful and controlled, midrange is rich with lifelike presence, and the highs are sweet, delicate and defined. Vocal presence is so real, it just may scare you at times.

Moving up from Daybreak, Hurricane benefits from an extended version of our MSC technology, our proprietary Stat-Core technology.

Plus True Shot Gun design. Center Channel will consist of two (2) runs of cable.

Compare it to other speaker cables in the same price range....Hurricane will blow you away!!

Standard termination features the BFA Silver banana plugs. The P8 Multi Size 1/4" - 5/16" Silver spade lugs are available as an option.

True Shotgun Design
HSO-EGC Conductors
MSC Technology
Teflon/Air Dielectric
Proprietary Stat-Core Technology
High Quality BFA Silver Banana Plugs
PET Jacket


All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available. Custom terminations available also.