Sonic Horizon Sunrise V2.1 Single Biwire Speaker Cables (Pair)

Single Biwire - each cable has 2 connectors at the amp end and 4 connectors at the speaker end.

Among entry level speaker cables, Sunrise is truly amazing! Once you see and hear Sunrise speaker cable, you'll fully appreciate what we mean.

The new Sunrise Version 2.1 incorporates most of the design features of the Flagship model Silver Moon, but in a much smaller, non shotgun design.

We encourage you to compare Sunrise v2.1 speaker cable to any other cable of similar price and hear for yourself the vastly superior sound. Version 2.1 uses our HSO-EGC Silver/Copper conductors for superior signal transfer. Dielectric is first class... Teflon, Kynar and Air, with our proprietary Stat-Core to eliminate electrostatic discharge. Standard termination is the superb one piece BFA Silver banana plugs. Spade lugs are also available as a no charge option.

HSO-EGC Conductors
MSC Technology
15 Gauge
Teflon/Air/Kynar Dielectric
Proprietary Stat-Core Technology
High Quality BFA Banana Plugs
PET Jacket


All Sonic Horizon cables are built to order, by hand in the USA!
Longer lengths are available. Custom terminations available also.