Audioquest SureGrip 300 Multi-Size Spade (Gold or Silver)

SureGrip 300 Multi-Size Spade (Gold or Silver)

  • High-Purity Purple Copper provides cleaner and clearer sound compared to
    lesser coppers or brass used in other “premium” connectors.
  • Pure “Hanging” Gold plating directly over Purple Copper––no sound-damaging
    in-between nickel.
  • Cold-Weld System for an ideal connection, better sounding than solder: Tighten Allen-screws with supplied tool to create an ideal connection between plug and conductor, then slide the no-magnetic-interference ABS casing over the banana screw into place.
  • Fits up to 9 AWG speaker cables.
  • Fits 1/4″ – 5/16″ binding post.
  • set of 4