Unison Research MAX 1 Speakers

This new loudspeaker model from Unison Research model is designed to be matched, in particular, to the Unison Research valve amplifiers. For this purpose both the sensitivity and the impedance were optimized. The Unison Research Max 1 is a two-way floor standing reflex-loaded system, with substantial internal volume despite a compact footprint.  The two reflex ducts fire forward, making it easier to place the diffusers in the room. This speaker can also be used as front channel in home theater systems; with two pairs of diffusers (front and rear) you get an high-impact home theater presentation that does not require a center channel or sub-woofer.

The result is a definitive loudspeaker with full extension of the low frequencies, a speaker that is capable of reproducing high sound levels while being relatively easy to blend into the listening environment. You’ll experience a clear and defined midrange and natural, extended high frequencies as well.


The 12" woofer, made in Italy, is equipped with a diaphragm made ​​from vegetable dough and carbon fibers. The moving coil has a diameter of 100 mm, and it has two layers (one internal and one external) with an aluminum  former. There are also two metal rings which control of the variation of the magnetic flux to reduce the harmonic and intermodulation distortion to an inaudible level. The magnet is made from neodymium, and the external suspension is made of fabric composed of 51% cotton and 49% polyester that has been shaped as a triple wave and damped with a newly developed product. The basket is die cast for maximum stiffness. This woofer can dissipate more than 800 watts of continuous power, far more than it will have to handle under normal conditions. This, of course, guarantees the complete absence of thermal compression.

The compression driver, also made in Italy, has a titanium diaphragm with a 44 mm aluminum coil and aluminum windings to cancel the stresses and deformations caused by temperature. It is loaded with an elliptical Constant Coverage ESS horn with wide dispersion (60° x80°) made of aluminum AA2024 (avional). The Max 1 is incredibly rugged, linear and with a natural sound and free of any nasality. The directivity index  is constant within plus or minus 0.85 dB up to more than 12kHz .


The cross-over is a classic 12 dB/octave for both the woofer and the horn, and it is made ​​of high quality components that have been carefully chosen by the Unison Research design team. The inductors are air-wound  with a flat ribbon of OFC copper. Capacitors and resistors have been carefully selected from Solen and Mundorf, and the crossover is handcrafted in Germany.

Particular care has been taken to make the impedance curve as smooth as possible to reduce the effect of the cables as well as the damping factor of the amplifier (tube or solid state). A switch on the back of the Max changes the damping factor so that the diffuser maintains consistent performance with both valve amplifiers and solid state. This switch can be set to "Valve" or "S. State." While the Max has been optimized for use with tube amps, a simple toggle of this switch will result in excellent results with solid state amplification.

The electrical impedance is in compliance with DIN 45500 for nominal 8-ohm speakers.


The cabinet is made from 25mm thick MDF veneered in natural wood and is equipped with two front reflex ducts that are 8 cm in diameter. The structure is further stiffened by internal bracing. The internal volume of the cabinet, about 80 liters, is coated with open cell polyurethane with a pyramidal profile.

 The front panel, featuring MDF that is 5 cm thick, is covered in synthetic leather. The speakers are mounted flush with the panel and the inner side of the panel is properly milled to avoid coloration in the midrange.

The front panel has rounded edges without protrusions of any kind as not to "ruin" the impulse response with harmful border diffractions.

The cabinet is designed to be mounted on height-adjustable spikes. There are four external connectors to allow bi-amping. They are the same high-quality gold-plated brass connectors that are used in the flagship Malibran model. They accept all types of wire terminations, ensuring an electrical contact that is mechanically safe and effective.


  • System:Floor standing - front firing Reflex
  • Loudspeakers:1 woofer 12"
  • 1 compression driver with titanium diaphragm 1"
  • Number of way:2 way
  • Frequency Responce:30-20000 Hz
  • Cross-over:Woofer: Low Pass 12 dB
  • Tweeter: high pass 12 dB
  • Crossover Frequency 2000 Hz
  • Power: 500 watt RMS
  • Amplifier:from 10 a 200 Watt RMS or more without clipping
  • Sensibility:94 dB/2.83Vrms/1 meter
  • Nominal Impedance:8 ohm
  • Room positioning: Close reflex ducts for near-wall positioning
  • Dimension :cm 95h x 35w x 45d
  • Weight: 37 Kg