AudioQuest Black Hole GroundGoody

The AudioQuest Black Hole GroundGoody Ground Wire


Black Hole GroundGoody

RF-Dissipating Ground Wire

As soon as we introduced the remarkably effective ThunderBird and Dragon GroundGoody RF-Dissipating Ground Wires, many of you asked for a less expensive GroundGoody that would bring AudioQuest’s Noise-Dissipation expertise to more audio and video systems.


We’re pleased to introduce the Black Hole GroundGoody.


Like its more advanced siblings, the ThunderBird and Dragon GroundGoodys, Black Hole can be used with ground boxes, wall-outlet grounds, subwoofers, powered speakers, etc., and can be combined with most analog-audio interconnects to create a high-performance, low-noise phono cable.


Black Hole, like ThunderBird GroundGoody, uses Directionally Controlled Solid 6% Silver, significantly enabling its effectiveness at dissipating RF noise. And although Black Hole lacks the RF/ND-Tech found in ThunderBird and Dragon, the conductor is fully clad in an RF Noise-Dissipating carbon layer.