Audioquest Rocket 22 Single Biwire speaker cables

ROCKET 22 in Single Biwire (SBW) Pair
  • Primarily Perfect-Surface Low-Distortion Copper (PSC)
  • 12 Gauge - 20% Lower Impedance than Rocket 11
  • In Single Biwire - 2 connectors at the amp end and 4 connectors at the speaker end
  • Semi-Solid True-Concentric Conductors
  • Direction Controlled for Optimum Noise-Dissipation

Rockets 11 and 22 use Semi-Solid True-Concentric Conductors
for the rst time. AQ has been bragging about
the tremendous advantages of Concentric conductors for
years. In addition to the superior Long-Grain Copper used
in G2, X2, Q2 and the SLiP cables, and controlling directionality
— the concentric arrangement of the strands is why
these cables sound so clearly superior to other seemingly
similar cables.
“True-Concentric” is an industry standard term for when
each layer of strands in a concentric conductor is spiraled
in the opposite direction from the layer below, eliminating
the lines of contact between the layers, and increasing
contact pressure at the points of contact. The downside is
much more machine time and higher cost – the upside is
better sound you can hear.

See separate listing for Full Range