AudioQuest Silver Extreme Turntable Cable with/Ground Wire

If you're looking for a Turntable Cable with RCA plugs at both ends, Silver Extreme makes a wonderful tonearm cable. Use it to hook up to Phono preamp, Preamp or phono input on Receiver. Imagine a Solid Silver pair of Audioquest audio interconnects for less $1000?? Now you can own a pair of Solid FPS silver cables for only $119.95 for a 1 meter pair. Features include Hard Cell foam PE dielectric, fully shielded with high quality FEP insulated RCA plugs. Original List price was $400/pair several years ago. With inflation being what it is, these cables would would likely cost twice that today.


    • Solid FPS Silver (4 nines silver 99.99%)
    • Hard cell Foam PE Dielectric
    • Fully Shielded
    • PTFE Insulated RCA plugs
    • True Coaxial Design.
    • 23 gauge
    • Proprietary model sold only through HCM Audio
    • Comes with a high quality Silver plated Ground Wire with 3/16” spade lugs. 

    Made in the USA

    Not available with XLR termination

    Custom lengths available

    Here's what Aaron in CO has to say:

    "Those Silver Extreme Audioquest cables are a great deal and honestly cheap for a silver audioquest cable. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am very satisfied with them. I noticed a big difference when I hooked them up but thought it might be psychosomatic until my wife ( who doesn't understand why I spent that much on "just wires") asked what I did. When I told her it was the "wires" she was surprised. I ordered from HCM online and it was super easy and dealing with you has been a delight. Thanks, Aaron in CO"