Audioquest Thunderbird Ground Goody Tonearm Wire

The Audioquest ThunderBird GroundGoody Ground Cable


  •  Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ Conductors
  •  Solid 6% Silver
  •  Noise-Dissipation System
  •  Direction Controlled to Drain RF Noise
  •  Direct-Silver Plated #10-sized Spades

The Audioquest ThunderBird GroundGoody Ground Cable features Solid Perfect-Surface Cooper+ Conductors, significantly enhancing its ability to efficiently dissipate RF noise.

ThunderBird uses premium conductor materials which are controlled for direction and cold-welded to Direct-Silver Plated #10-size spade lugs.

The most important news is that our strongest Noise-Dissipation technology, the patented RF/ND-Tech that distinguishes AQ's Level 8 Noise-Dissipation, dissipates and cancels most induced RF Noise.

ThunderBird GroundGoodys can be combined with nearly any analog interconnect cable to create a low-distortion phono cable. The exceptions are AQs ZERO-Tech interconnects: Black Beauty, Pegasus, and the Mythical ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon that are not compatible with phono cartridges.