AudioQuest Vodka 48 HDMI Cable - 0.75 Meter - Open Box - No Box

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This is a 0.75 M Vodka 48 HDMI Cable - No Box
  • 48 Gbps 8K – 10K
  • A/V Conductor: 10% Silver
  • eARC Conductor: 10% Silver
  • Ground Reference: 5% Silver
  • Noise-Dissipation: Carbon + Metal + Direction
  • Braided jacket


All generations of HDMI cable are fully compatible with all previous hardware — It’s the new HDMI hardware capabilities that require the latest cables.



About AudioQuest Factory Authorized Open Box Cables:

These cables have been opened for one reason or another. Product Condition is “As-New” and includes the Audioquest lifetime limited warranty. Most have their original boxes. Some of the boxes are torn or show use. The ones that don't have boxes come in a plastic bag.