Audioquest VSD-3 Digital Coax - 6.1% Silver

  • 6.1% Solid Silver
  • Hard Cell Foam Dielectric
  • 75 ohm impedance

AudioQuest VSD Series cables are designed to minimize distortion across an extremely wide bandwidth. A 75 Ohm cable is like a conduit which has to carry relatively low frequency or super sensitive digital audio (SP/DIF, up to 24.576 MHz), or uncompressed High Definition video (HDTV, up to 750 MHz), or cable TV/broadband (CATV, up to 1 GHz). AQ/CQ VSD cables are designed to carry all these signals with minimum interference from the cable.

VSD-3 uses a 6.1% Silver Center Conductor (6.1% SPC) insulated with Hard Cell Foam (HCF). Normal 1.25% silver-plate greatly improves high frequency performance for a fraction of the cost of solid silver. A 6.1% silver conductor is much closer to all silver, still for a fraction of the cost. Nitrogen Injected HCF reduces distortion caused by the insulating material. The combination Copper foil and Silver-Plated braid shield provides 100% protection coverage and lower distortion. RCA plugs are professionally attached with superior AudioQuest solder. BNC connectors are also available.

Custom lengths available