AudioQuest WEL Signature Limited Edition Tonearm Cable

AudioQuest WEL Signature Limited Edition Tonearm Cable - 5-pin>RCA - Includes Ground Wire - 1.2 Meter 


AudioQuest Turntable Cables begin with Golden Gate, Yosemite, and Angel — three outstanding models from our critically acclaimed Bridges & Falls Series. With their left and right channels housed in a single jacket, these models are specially designed for physical flexibility and the versatility it affords — without unjustifiably sacrificing performance.

As with all AudioQuest cables, Golden Gate, Yosemite, and Angel combine superior materials and design elements to minimize distortion and efficiently dissipate noise: AudioQuest’s high-purity metals, carefully considered dielectric materials, and effective noise-dissipation technologies are all successfully employed.

Yosemite, Angel, and the top-of-the-line WEL Signature Limited Edition add to this solid foundation AudioQuest’s patented Dielectric-Bias System (DBS), which significantly improves wide-bandwidth dissipation of induced radio-frequency noise. Finally, WEL Signature has slightly larger conductors than Angel and incorporates alternating layers of metal and carbon-loaded synthetics to afford even greater noise-dissipation.

All four models in the series are packaged with a ground wire.

Do keep in mind, however, that the plugs on these cables are physically close together. If the L and R inputs of your components are more than 3″ (7.6cm) apart, consider combining an interconnect from our Rivers Series with a GroundGoody ground wire. AudioQuest’s ZERO-Tech interconnects (Black Beauty, Pegasus, ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon), whose design virtually eliminates component-to-cable impedance mismatch distortion, are not suitable for use from a turntable.