Audioquest Dragon Biwire Jumpers

Dragon BiWire Jumpers - Set of 4

  • Solid conductors prevent electrical and magnetic strand-interaction. PSS Solid-Silver minimizes distortion caused by grain boundaries and maximizes linear RF Noise-Dissipation.
  • Carbon-Based Noise-Dissipation minimizes radio-frequency noise masking effects.
  • A fundamental aspect of AudioQuest's multifaceted Noise-Dissipation technology, Direction-Controlled Conductors ensure induced noise is dissipated and drained properly.
  • 1000-Series Hanging-Silver Plated Red Copper Spades or Bananas

    Done right, BiWiring enables better sound for less money.

    However, for various reasons, there are times when BiWiring may not be possible. For those times, AudioQuest BiWire Jumpers deliver significantly improved performance over the common stamped jumpers that are included with most BiWireable loudspeakers.

    AudioQuest’s top-of-the-line Dragon BiWire Jumpers employ Direction-Controlled Solid Perfect-Surface Silver (PSS) covered with a Conductive Carbon-loaded extrusion that reduces RF pick-up.

    Dragon BiWire Jumpers are 8” long and available with AudioQuest’s 1000-Series Hanging-Silver plated extreme-purity Red Copper spades or bananas on either end — simplifying the connection where the speaker cable is attached.