Audioquest GBC Double Biwire Pair Speaker Cable

GBC Speaker Cable in Double Biwire (Pair) - Double Biwire is where there are two pair of cables. Each channel uses two full range cables joined at the amp end.

When cables are double biwired, the gauge is the same for the lows and the highs. When double biwired the GBC is a 9 gauge cable.

AudioQuest GBC is a 6 conductor, 12 awg design! GBC is a very musical sounding cable in all areas, outperforming many others at three times the price. The Midrange has a very smooth and lifelike quality, while the most minute details in the high end are revealed with startling accuracy. And then there is the bass, the the foundation of all music. With its special bass conductors, Helical Array geometry, and its large aggregate size of 12 awg, (9 gauge in double biwire) the GBC delivers a tight, defined, and detailed bottom end. Each run of cable consists of SST Spread Spectrum Technology using 6 LGC Copper Hyperlitz conductors in a Helical Array.

Connectors are cold welded with a choice of:BFA silver or BFA gold Bananas, P8M Silver or P8M Gold multi-size spades (fits 1/4" and 5/16" binding posts), P814 spades (1/4" spades), 1010 spades (3/16" spades), or Bendapins. If you want one connector at one end and a different connector at the other end, please note that under "notes" on the order form. For example: BFA silver bananas at the amp end and Bendapins at the speaker end.

Note: Photo is a single GBC in Double Biwire