Audioquest NRG-Z3 Power Cord

NRG-Z3 Power Cord

  • Low-Distortion 3-Pole Power Cable
  • Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC)
  • 14 Gauge
  • Direction-Controlled Conductors & Silver-Plated Shield Drains
  • Zero Characteristic Impedance

NRG-Z3 cable take a step further and uses
Perfect-Surface Copper in a
7-strand Semi-Solid Concentric conductor arrangement.
The astonishingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface processed
conductors minimize distortion caused by grain
boundaries and surface discontinuities which exist in any
metal conductor.

This model replaces the NRG-2

All the new models feature Zero Characteristic Impedance
for Uncompressed Current Transfer:
A non-technical analogy for this might be that if you drop
a coin in a tube with shampoo in it, no matter how wide
(low resistance) that tube, the shampoo (the Characteristic
Impedance) is going to get in the way (compromise current
transients). Eliminating Characteristic Impedance (Zero
means No in this application) is like having only air in the
tube, as close to a vacuum as possible. Whether the amp
is running at less than a watt or is fully maxed out, the
unrestricted transients are visceral — something the whole
body understands, no words required.

All the new models feature Direction-Controlled Conductors
& Silver-Plated Shield Drains:
All drawn metal has a non-symmetrical, and therefore
directional, grain structure. AudioQuest controls the
resulting RF impedance variation so that noise drains away
from where it will cause distortion. The Silver-Plated shield
drains eciently remove RF noise from the line and neutral
shields via the wall plug’s “ground” pin – which is why even
the 2-Pole “2” models have an unexpected ground pin.