AudioQuest PowerQuest 303 Power Conditioner - Open Box

AudioQuest - PowerQuest 303 High-Performance Power Conditioner with 12 AC outlets, 2m Detachable AC Power Cable, and 2RU Rack Ears.

  • Linear Noise-Dissipation ensures consistent noise reduction for black backgrounds and detailed sound
  • Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection withstands multiple strikes of 6000V or 3000A without damage
  • Extreme-Voltage Shutdown disengages AC power in under 0.25 seconds when presented with 140VAC
  • 12 AC outlets: 4 High-Current for amplifiers; 8 Linear-Filtered for source components
  • The detachable PQ-415 cable uses AudioQuest’s high-purity Semi-Solid Long-Grain Copper conductor metal in which strands are packed more tightly and never change position within the bundle, significantly reducing strand-interaction distortion
  • Flat-to-Wall Plug aids installations in tight spaces
  • 2RU Rack Ears included for simple rack-mounting