Audioquest PowerQuest G8 Power Conditioner - Open Box

  • This is an Open Box PowerQuest G8 8-Outlet Surge Protector. Like new condition with original box.

  • Micro Spike Protection from daily short, fast power spikes that damage equipment over time. Typical surge protectors can actually contribute to this sustained damage
  • Catastrophic-Surge Protection from lightning strikes and large-scale power surges
  • RF Noise-Dissipation combats Cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite, Bluetooth, and other Radio-Frequency Interference
  • High-Speed Charging for Type-C and Type-A USB devices
  • Flat-to-Wall 45° Plug with 6ft power cable can be easily installed in tight spaces behind furniture or other hard-to-reach areas

The PowerQuest G8 8-Outlet Surge Protector features Micro-Spike Technology, Catastrophic Surge Protection, and a slim (3.31” x 11.93” x 1.29”), durable enclosure with eight AC outlets and two high-speed USB ports.

Most AC power surge protectors are 3-mode surge-suppression devices. Though these may guard against catastrophic power surges, they can also allow even modest transient-power spikes to dissipate via the electrical AC ground. This is significant since no surge protection technology dissipates the incoming surge/spike to either zero volts or amps. Most AC powerline surges or spikes are frequent—and they are not catastrophic.

In fact, transient-power spikes can occur dozens of times daily in any home or office with standard utility power. Appliances and machinery often generate these power spikes, and, when they occur, a typical 3-mode protection device can send the remaining electrical energy to an audio/video component’s circuit ground. Over time, this can cause incremental damage to the component’s delicate surface-mount circuit chips.

PowerQuest’s Micro-Spike Technology prevents this from happening while also protecting your valuable system from catastrophic power surges.